Proxy VPN IP Checker

Proxy/ VPN Detection API

Do you have doubts regarding the reliability of incoming IP addresses? Learn the truth by using, a free service that helps you tell safe users from malicious ones. If you own a website, work in the field of cybersecurity, or are simply interested in learning more about where IP addresses come from, we have you covered.

How to check if an ip address is a proxy?

Integrate our IP verification service into your own apps, websites, or security systems with the click of a button using our developer-friendly API. Use our cutting-edge technologies to bolster your existing tools.

Safeguard your infrastructure by thwarting any nefarious proxy or VPN users by identifying and isolating their IP addresses. Confidence in your online security is essential.

Detect VPN IP Address

The first step is to Input IP Address into our simple interface.

We quickly put our state-of-the-art algorithms to work comparing the IP address to our massive database, so you obtain results fast.

Get a clear and straightforward verdict - whether the IP address has been recognized as real or tagged as a proxy/VPN.

Block Proxy/ VPN IP

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