Proxy/VPN Detection API

In the interconnected digital world of today, it is important to make sure that user interactions are real to keep the integrity of online sites. Whether you run an e-commerce site, a banking service, or a social media network, you need to find proxy servers and VPNs to stop fraud and keep your real users safe.

Example Response

    "success": 1,
    "ip": "",
    "city": "Goochland",
    "division": "Virginia",
    "country": "United States",
    "country_code": "US",
    "zip_code": "23063",
    "latitude": 37.7691,
    "longitude": -78.0091,
    "is_ipv6": 1,
    "is_ipv4": 0,
    "is_anonymous": 0 //1 means its a proxy or vpn

Stay ahead of threats with our API for detecting proxy and VPN connections.

At Ip Check Mate, we know how important it is to protect your online environment. By correctly detecting proxy servers and VPN connections, our state-of-the-art Proxy/VPN Detection API gives you the power to find and stop potential threats. By adding our API to your current systems, you can improve security and make sure that all of your real users have a smooth experience.

VPN Detection API Benefits:

  1. Accuracy in real time: Our API uses sophisticated algorithms to quickly recognize proxy and VPN connections. This lets you take action right away when suspicious behavior is found.
  2. It's easy to fit in: Our API is easy for developers to use, so it's easy to add to your current infrastructure. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, our detailed documentation and help make the process easy.
  3. Responses that can be changed: Change the API replies so that they meet the needs of your business. Get info in a format that fits your workflow, which makes it easier to make decisions.
  4. Preventing fraud: By finding and blocking proxy and VPN users, you can stop fake accounts, fake transactions, and other bad things that could hurt the image of your platform.
  5. Improved User Experience: Get rid of the problems caused by proxy restrictions and give your real users a better online experience. This will make your customers happier and more faithful.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Make sure you're following the rules in your area and protecting user data by stopping unauthorized access through proxy and VPN links.
  7. Updates on a regular basis: Our team of experts is always improving the API so that it can keep up with changing proxy and VPN technologies and give you the best security.

Variable Uses of Proxy Detection API

Our Proxy/VPN Detection API can be used in a wide range of fields, including:

Raise Your Security Level Today!

Don't let bad people take over your online space. With our Proxy/VPN Detection API, you can improve your security and put real users first. Use our service to fight against internet fraud and keep your users' trust. Visit Proxy detection API Documentation to get started right away and add the best protection against proxy and VPN risks. Your digital ecosystem needs the best defense possible.